Day 17: A poem: Birds can dig too

There is a hole in the ground, and in that hole lives a feathered creature. A bird. No need for a name, and he needs no fame. He has long feathers that glaze down his back, and digging skills in not something that he lacks. He has a long beak and he gets holes dug. Everyday he comes out to play, rain or shine, he does just fine. If he finds a rock he says “Its mine! You cant have it” And he makes is voice heard, Because if he can do one thing, its sing like a bird.

He can dig too.

The end.


Day 15: Bored?

Have you ever gotten so bored that you get bored of being bored? And then your disappointed  in yourself for being so bored, and then you start getting disappointed in yourself for being  disappointed in yourself. But it doesn’t stop there, after a while you start to get tired, and then soon you start getting tired of being tired and that turns into anger, and you start getting angry at yourself for letting yourself get so angry. So you start becoming sad and that leads to hunger so you begin to pace in the kitchen and you find there is nothing to eat (that you like) so you start to sing and dance for your cat but that gets annoying and you hate being annoyed so now your annoyed at yourself for being annoyed at yourself.  So you just decide to put an end to all this madness. And watch television  but after some short time of that, you start to get bored, but you know where that leads.

Day 14: Art

I was reading a piece of my writing to someone the other day, and they told me I was a true artist. I’m not an artist. I don’t know what that means. That’s such an overused word. But no, I’m a worker. I work with words. I work hard with words, very hard, with ideas and thoughts and planning. So don’t tell me its art. Its so much more than “art”.

Day 11: I need more time!

years ago, I made my arrival into this world.

Little did I, nor the world know that a million breaths latter I would be writing this very post. just this morning I didn’t even know, and nether did you know you would be reading this. In addition to that, within the next couple of days you will most likely forget you ever even read this. infected, people forget things after 29 seconds if it doesn’t cross there mind more then twice, that’s why you find it so hard to remember some one’s name the first time.

On average you forget about 40% of your day, if not more. and by the time your forty you have forgotten about 60% of your life and that number increases as the years go on.

Think of it this way, when your 1, that’s your first year, and that year was your whole life, but when your 2, that year is only half of your life, and when your three its only a third of your life, so when your 40, that’s a fortieth of your life. That’s why your childhood seems like it took so long, but as you get older the years seem to fly by.

So the more memories you have the longer your life will feel, glad I could help you live longer. well, Feel like you did.

Day 10: God, and evolution on Being right.

Okay, so I have made it to day ten.  yaaay me!

For day ten I’m going to talk about being right. Using God and evolution for an example.

So, you see this is politics and in daily life. Being right. Everyone thinks they are right, but on certain subjects you cant always know who is right, everyone has there own opinion and  beliefs.

Like God vs evolution. There are people that think we came from monkeys and all that.  And then there is the people that believe there is a creator  Both sides will always think they are right. obviously.

Now what I believe.

With every once of my heart I KNOW that there is a creator. I call him God. Its just what I believe, and no one can ever change my mind. And I would imagine that’s how evolutionists think also. And that’s fine.

It makes no sense to me. And it never will, because there is no proof whatsoever to back up scientists clams.

But you might say “There is no proof for the existence of a creator”

There is.

We are the proof. I’m sure you have head this argument before. But you can’t make something from nothing, It only makes sense that we where created form a higher being. Everything works out, fits together, and falls into place perfectly. Don’t tell me it was an accident.

Day 9: Eating like a boss?

Alright so i got this whole eating thing down to a religion. (notice how i said religion and not science)

So i got some Hot soap. A muffin , and a cold soda,

So first I get a taste of my soup.(Not to much but just a couple mouthfuls)  and its hot, so i can’t just go drink my soda because my teeth will hurt from going hot and cold. So i take a bite of my muffin (its between cold and room temperature) And then it cools my teeth a little bit, and then when I’m ready, i go in for the sip of soda. And then I can repeat that all throughout the course of my meal. But I find myself finishing my muffin before my soup or soda. But this is not a problem, because by this time my soup has cooled off. My soda is not ice cold anymore, but its still enjoyable and I no longer have to worry about my system. Until my next meal that is. You should see my system for spaghetti and meatballs.