Day 15: Bored?

Have you ever gotten so bored that you get bored of being bored? And then your disappointed  in yourself for being so bored, and then you start getting disappointed in yourself for being  disappointed in yourself. But it doesn’t stop there, after a while you start to get tired, and then soon you start getting tired of being tired and that turns into anger, and you start getting angry at yourself for letting yourself get so angry. So you start becoming sad and that leads to hunger so you begin to pace in the kitchen and you find there is nothing to eat (that you like) so you start to sing and dance for your cat but that gets annoying and you hate being annoyed so now your annoyed at yourself for being annoyed at yourself.  So you just decide to put an end to all this madness. And watch television  but after some short time of that, you start to get bored, but you know where that leads.


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