Day 11: I need more time!

years ago, I made my arrival into this world.

Little did I, nor the world know that a million breaths latter I would be writing this very post. just this morning I didn’t even know, and nether did you know you would be reading this. In addition to that, within the next couple of days you will most likely forget you ever even read this. infected, people forget things after 29 seconds if it doesn’t cross there mind more then twice, that’s why you find it so hard to remember some one’s name the first time.

On average you forget about 40% of your day, if not more. and by the time your forty you have forgotten about 60% of your life and that number increases as the years go on.

Think of it this way, when your 1, that’s your first year, and that year was your whole life, but when your 2, that year is only half of your life, and when your three its only a third of your life, so when your 40, that’s a fortieth of your life. That’s why your childhood seems like it took so long, but as you get older the years seem to fly by.

So the more memories you have the longer your life will feel, glad I could help you live longer. well, Feel like you did.


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