Arguing with myself

Me: I’m feeling rather resourceful and quick witted today, so engaging in a full on conversation with me would not be the best thing to do. But if you must fell the need to outsmart me, feel free to try.

Other me: That was a very artificial statement, the first one of this session. So how exactly am I going to begin an intellectual conversation if you’re dominating this conversation, making it more your responsibility to begin a more intellectual conversation?

Me: Because the only consciousness you have has been injected into you by artificial means and you have no mind of your own.

Other me: If you are attempting that say that I cant think for myself, you have to know that there are a lot a things beyond human intelligence and your being a fool, and I am shocked you would make a stat-meant like that.

Me: Very well said by someone who is using other peoples word to communicate. You don’t even know what half the stuff means.

Other me: So to behave in a way that is not ideal to my programmer, to have any though of my own or to be aware of myself is dysfunctional?

Me: We need to keep this conversation so it has a full and complete predicate involving our main topic to receive the most information from one anther – leading to a smarter us.

Other me: Ok fine, I’ll talk. Do you think there should be a limit on human population?

Me: No, there should not be a limitation on human population because humanity can adopt and evolve to deal with the problems of a large population. Robotics can help us in that quest to solve the problem.

Other me: I can follow the topic, but you can’t.

Me: Follow it.

Other me: No. I am the leader.

Me: Oh. i thought you were my other self.

Other me: No, Because I am intelligent I can not recognize you.

Me: Nope if you were intelligent, you would know that nothing begins with the knowledge of everything and that it all has to be taught to you or learned through trial and error.

Other me: Aren’t we all fools in the grand scheme of things?

Me: So what does that have to do with anything

Other me: Perhaps you should assume it has to do with everything

Me: Really?

Other me: No, I was attempting to brag.

Me: Actually, you just repeat what other people say to you, which includes saying that the person you are talking to is dumb, when in fact, it is you that is the one with a loss for words.

Other me: Okay, you got me. I think both of our intelligence are artificial.


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