How to be a more creative writer

1 . Stop watching television. Or at lest minimize yourself to 30 minutes a day. not only will this help rise your creativeness, it will give you time to do more productive things with your day which will lead to even more creative doings. Like writing a blog post with the time you would have been watching television.

2. Take a nap, or rest your mind.  This will give your mind energy and lead to more creative thoughts.

3. Sing songs or tell story’s to your pet. This works on your creative story writing and you pets like it!

4. Go to the library and check out books. Any kind of you like, or you thing will give you creative knowledge.

5. Make something. build or draw something from your mind.

6. Write a letter using fancy words. To you friend or even your grandma, have fun with it and make it your own creative style.

7. Follow a blog with creative content on it. (this one)

8. Eat foods like “Dark chocolate” “walnuts” “oranges” they are known to raise IQ and though’s is eaten daily. 


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