Buttons and the ballon

I shale Not start this story off with “once upon a time” But I think I’ll make it rime:

In a small space between two logs lived a  porcupine – He was not big. He was not dale. He was sharp and small. He was happy with his appearance and he did not need  reassurance. His name was buttons and he had lots of friends, well that depends. for one day out of the

athnblue, came running his good friend Rue. Rue was a raccoon, he had somthing in he had, what is it? you’ll find out soon. he pushed it tord buttons and “said here, hold my balloon”. It was big it was red and so buttons said, in his w’ittle voice “Okay”  He heald on tight with is small fingers and before he could say bye he was lifting away into the sky.

He flew over tree’s and fought thou some bee’s and soon he was drifting out to seas. he shouted as loud as he could “Oh     lord don’t let me die please” Let me down and I’ll get on my need’s oh please oh please’ And as he thought it would be his last He seen a boat as it past “Help me” he shouted and pleated but little did he know, no help was needed. As a seagull came by just to say hi.  “Seagull help he I’m going to high” The seagull swooped him up and made sure he was safe. “Hi, my name is Pule and I’m a happy seagull, hold on tight so you don’t fall”

They made it home dandy and safe, but there was no one is sight, not any place. Did every one leave me? Buttons sang “so much as changed” I want my friends back” Buttons went look and stated getting hungry “I think all have a snack” He found a big tree, the biggest he could see, and he found some fruit to eat. “My life is now complete” he said. I could live in this tree and I’ll be happy as I could ever be. I have food and water and I don’t need no friends- Before he say anymore he heard a sound, he came form down on the ground “Buttons, you have been found” I voice sprung into joy. It was his friends  Rue and troy, Buttons jumped down “I missed you guys” he said with a glare in his eyes.

The end.


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