Day 10: God, and evolution on Being right.

Okay, so I have made it to day ten.  yaaay me!

For day ten I’m going to talk about being right. Using God and evolution for an example.

So, you see this is politics and in daily life. Being right. Everyone thinks they are right, but on certain subjects you cant always know who is right, everyone has there own opinion and  beliefs.

Like God vs evolution. There are people that think we came from monkeys and all that.  And then there is the people that believe there is a creator  Both sides will always think they are right. obviously.

Now what I believe.

With every once of my heart I KNOW that there is a creator. I call him God. Its just what I believe, and no one can ever change my mind. And I would imagine that’s how evolutionists think also. And that’s fine.

It makes no sense to me. And it never will, because there is no proof whatsoever to back up scientists clams.

But you might say “There is no proof for the existence of a creator”

There is.

We are the proof. I’m sure you have head this argument before. But you can’t make something from nothing, It only makes sense that we where created form a higher being. Everything works out, fits together, and falls into place perfectly. Don’t tell me it was an accident.


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