Day 9: Eating like a boss?

Alright so i got this whole eating thing down to a religion. (notice how i said religion and not science)

So i got some Hot soap. A muffin , and a cold soda,

So first I get a taste of my soup.(Not to much but just a couple mouthfuls)  and its hot, so i can’t just go drink my soda because my teeth will hurt from going hot and cold. So i take a bite of my muffin (its between cold and room temperature) And then it cools my teeth a little bit, and then when I’m ready, i go in for the sip of soda. And then I can repeat that all throughout the course of my meal. But I find myself finishing my muffin before my soup or soda. But this is not a problem, because by this time my soup has cooled off. My soda is not ice cold anymore, but its still enjoyable and I no longer have to worry about my system. Until my next meal that is. You should see my system for spaghetti and meatballs.


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