Day 6: Toy story. Goodbye

If you where a 90’s kid. Then you have seen toy story, or even if you weren’t I’m sure you have seen it. If you haven’t seen it. Don’t bather reading this any feather. Just go. I don’t want you.

Ok, Toy story 3 ended better then I could have ever imagine. I cried. I did.

bonnie andy

But it that cant be the end. There should be one last short that ends it all. Andy needs to know the truth.

There needs to be one last animated short where an older Bonnie Visits elderly Andy on his death bed. Nothing is said, you just hear music and the sound of machines that he is hooked up to. Then Bonnie’s daughter walks in clenching woody in her hands. She looks back at her mom who smiles. She places the tattered woody doll on Andy’s chest and runs back to her mom. She takes one last look at Andy and then leaves. Moments pass, Andy stays still with his eyes closed. Woody turns his head up at Andy, and down. He looks into Andy’s closed eyes, as if they where open. And says “Thanks, partner” A smile slowly spreads across Andy’s face. And woody closes his eyes with Andy, for the last time.

woody andy


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