Three letter challenge

I have decided to make this blog post without using there letter words, what this post will be about, I don’t know, what i do know is that it will help me, also my readers with becoming a better writer. as well as make a grate challenge. Looks like I’m of to a good start.

When I seen this idea on “daily post” I became intrigued because i knew it would be some what hard. though still keeping my point flexible I will complete this task with no three letter words.

I think, mainly its about wording it properly, trying to avoid certain  words. It is allot harder then most would think. I would imagine that it would be easier or harder depending on your writing style.

I don’t know what this posts length is going to be, although I think if i made it longer it would mean more. So I’m going to go as long as possible before I fall short of content. To be honest, I didn’t think i would even make it to this point. I  have been wondering when I can actually call myself an experienced blogger, I understand I am a blogger, I mean I do have a blog, What i mean is I would like to be an appreciated blogger.

Maybe this is my next step to becoming that blogger that everybody likes. maybe I don’t need to worry about it, because if I am really a good blogger, then at least I can write. seeing that i have accomplished my goal, that gives me endurance. I wont give up, I shale make more goals then concur them! likewise, I hope this gives my readers something to help them as well. in fact, I challenge all of blog society to do a “three letter challenge” and post it on there blog. good luck!


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