What are you?

1. A speaker


A person whom speaks, and does it well should be able to express what he/she is thinking and put it into words, and do this in a sort of means concerning or affecting a particular subject. They love to strike up conversations that they like or are knowledgeable in. They are comfortable working off others material. and enjoy making it better. A speaker starts with an outline and builds key points, usually reflecting personal experience. They then prepare and sequence their deck.

 2. A thinker

First of all,  a thinker is not some one whom “just has thoughts” that would be everyone. A thinker is some one who  generally has good and creative idea. being able to express them or not!

They have Common sense and most likely, think in a way that cant be understood by anyone eels.

They will see things from a different point of view. and when picking a side, they will pick one fast and know they strongly agree with thous views, content, person, party or even a side of a story.


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